Episode 0 - How it all got started

  What's up party people. Your host Hans Daniels here with a new and exciting podcast that is LONG overdue.  The DJ Method is here - well almost here... I'm calling this episode zero.  The real podcast is 1 week away.  But I wanted to get everyone prepped and let you know what this thing is all about.  

The DJ Method started out of a calling that I felt - to teach music lovers young and old the art of DJing using modern DJ techniques.  I LOVE DJing and I have way too much fun doing it.  So I wanted to figure out the best way to get people started DJing and let them Get Out There.  Initially it started at my house with some high school students.  Just showing them how to do transitions - different controllers - and different software.

The next year more students came - where my wife was like - you guys gotta get out of my house - all the crazy DJ gear and complete strangers - which is totally understandable.  So we set up shop in Atlanta with an actual DJ school.  A couple cool things came out of the classroom environment.  People got to play with new equipment with the hands on approach AND they got to interact with each other.  Show each other what they had learned.  Where they were finding music - all that good stuff. Which was completely motivating them to practice, get better, and go out and get gigs.


The down side of the classroom setting was that it was difficult to decide on an exact day and time each week to meet.  Some people went to school, some people worked, some people had kids.

So the next step for the DJ school was to go online.  We got camera equipment and started shooting videos, and started sending them to students.  But there was no interaction what so ever.  If they had a question, they could email it.  But it would sometimes take days to get back to them.


Next we tried live DJ school online.  This was the craziest and most complicated way of doing it.  We set up different camera angles and streamed videos on YouTube and UStream to students who could log in, watch what we were doing, ask questions.  But, we couldn't see what the student was doing.  They might have had a camera on their laptop or phone, but we couldn't see what their hands were doing.  This frustrated and unmotivated students and me.  

So I took a step back and started thinking about it.  What is it that you Future DJ's need more than anything.  It's not necessarily the information.  There are a TON of videos, blogs, websites, on How to DJ.  Most people fall off and stop because they become unmotivated.  Let me rewind - most people fall off and stop DJing because they become unmotivated.  So that's when The DJ Method was born.

I wanted to talk with people that are successful.  DJ's that are killing it!  Learn exactly what they are doing and pass this knowledge on to you.  

I have some awesome shows already lined up with great guests.  We're going to cover some topics like "how to read the crowd" Preparing for your first gig" "Being an entertainer as a DJ" and what does that mean to you.

But here's where I need your help, right now.  Go to TheDJMethod.com and post your question.  You can write a question in the old school email format, send a tweet to @theDJMethod - Heck you can even leave a voicemail on the website - Click on "Start Recording" - record a 90 second quick question and I can use it on the show.


I'm pumped. I'm excited. I get to reach a global audience and share my knowledge.  But even better, You and I get to learn together how other DJ's are doing it.  How they are succeeding, how they got started, how they practice.


It's going to be a fun ride.  Who knows where it ends up.


So again, think about what you want know, topics you want me to cover, DJ's you want me to interview.  Or if you and someone you know want to come on the show.  Hit me up at TheDJMethod.com


Until next time... 

Keep blending songs, mixing music, get out there and play. Again, this is Hans thanks for listening to The DJ Method.