Being An Entertainer - The DJ Method - Episode 2

Chris Cauley

Chris Cauley

So today's guest on The DJ Method is an awesome entertainer - the one, the only... Chris Cauley!  He was seen on The Voice and has an amazing album here: Chris Cauley - My Turn (EP)

Check out our conversation about being an entertainer - and how that applies to all us DJ's.

Key take-aways: 

  • The crowd feeds off you.  Not the other way around.
  • Video yourself - see what the heck you look like while you DJ.
  • Eye contact is key
  • Don't create a separation between you and the crowd.  Let them in on your level.
  • We are always learning.
  • Do bigger gestures than you think.
  • Don't take yourself too seriously
  • If you can see them - they can see you. You are ALWAYS performing. As soon as your on stage, people are watching you.  Be into it the whole time.

Where did this show come from:

I get a lot of questions or comments from people who find out I'm a DJ - who ask. "Can't you just DJ on your iPad? Anyone can do that."

Which brought me to this next conversation. A DJ is really an entertainer - not a computer programmer. I mean think about it - Steve Aoki hits people in the face with a cake.  As nerdy as Skrillex's glasses are - he's not just standing there staring at his screen. No he's got hair flying - fist pumping. Entertaining. 

A lot of beginner DJs focus on what their hands are doing. Whether it's controllers, turntables, computers, or heck even iPads. Training your hands and your fingers to do the right thing is great. It's important to get that muscle memory down - so when you are performing in front of a large crowd, you don't think. Your hands just do it. But most of the time a the crowd don't even see your hands. They see your face. Your body language. Your excitement. 

That's why I brought my man Chris Cauley on the show. Check out our conversation. 

Hans Daniels

Professional DJ and wedding entertainment specialist.