Preparing For Your First Gig - The DJ Method - Episode 3

Prepare for your first DJ show

Join us as we go over tips and tricks preparing for your first DJ gig. I interview two great DJ's in Atlanta that have recently played their first gig.  I ask them "How they kept from getting nervous" and "How they prepared their songs".

Plus, I give THE BIG announcement that The DJ Method will have it's first DJ Bootcamp March 21st.  Get more info here.

Key Takeaways

  • Get out and play as soon as possible. 4 months (at most) until you are playing your first show.

  • Once you book that first show - practiced your set about 4 times a day to get ready. 

  • Get mentally prepared. Get to the gig early and get focused on the gig. Start thinking about the energy in the room and the vibe of the night.

  •  Have a backup plan in case computer failure

  • Use Soundcloud to find new music.


Thanks again to my guests DJ 8Nine and Egan for being on the show. 

Let me tell you how I got into DJing. I played in a rock band in early 2000s and my drummer bought some turntables and introduced me to house music.  After experiencing the winter music conference in Miami, I wanted to produce.  So I set up shop with Reason 1.0 and started making music.  One night while I was out at a club, I met the owner and was completely BSing - and told him I was a DJ.  He said "awesome" "do you want to spin next Saturday?

What do you think I said?

I said "of course dude"

Hans Daniels Live at Mid City Cafe a few weeks of DJ'ing

So I went straight to my buddies house the next day AND got extremely serious about learning how to DJ.  I knew in one week I was going to be spinning - in a club - on two CDJs (btw auto sync wasn't even a thing).

Here's my point.  You will get done what you gotta get done.  If you have one week to accomplish something - you'll get it accoplished in 1 week.  If you give yourself 1 year - it will take you one year.

Have you played your first show yet? No? What the heck are you waiting for?

I know, I know.  It's a little intimidating and you want to make sure you know your software, your hardware, and how to do some basic song transitions.

But really how long does that take?

My answer.  As long as you need.

You can set imaginary time limits to reach your goals. Or you can create real time limits to reach your goals.  

Hans Daniels

Professional DJ and wedding entertainment specialist.