How to Practice - The DJ Method - Episode 5

Be sure to take notes when practicing.  I use  Evernote .

Be sure to take notes when practicing.  I use Evernote.

Let me ask you a question... Are you practicing? No really - are you practicing??

In today's episode, we get down to the nitty-gritty and ask what's really going on behind closed doors.  Because what you do when no one is looking - will definitely show when you're in the spotlight.

I share with you 7 DJ practice tips.

  1. Take notes in a notebook
  2. Spend time to learn how to beat match without auto-sync
  3. Record your set
  4. Record the same 10-12 songs over and over and over
  5. Play or record an entire DJ set using only iphone or ipad
  6. Practice mixing different genres
  7. Practice with someone (if you need help connecting with someone - try our forum or our Facebook page)

I also want to thank my man DJ K-Mac for coming on the show.

He gave us some great tips on exactly how he practices now and how it's different from the way he practiced the first few weeks.  

# 1 Rule) Record your sets!  You will get so much better if you hear yourself recorded.

Check out K-Mac's Mixcloud Page!

DJ Tip by Hans: I share with you on the show a real life DJ mistake that I made last night. Never play an entire set of completely new songs. I mean songs that you've never seen a crowd respond to - and you don't know how it's going to go.  
It's OK to mix in new songs along the way.  But don't show up to a gig with a crate full of 100% new songs.

Hans Daniels

Professional DJ and wedding entertainment specialist.